The Start of the New Journey

Spell / Prayer for the Full Moon in Cancer 25th December 2015

Emotional and Physical forgiveness and healing of your body, soul and spirit

Place : by the sea in full sight of the moon

Let the spirit within me be taken into the night by the my guide “The Owl”

As I open my heart and allow it to be exposed. I fear not the future as I once did

The wolf that stands by my side, the companion that has led me on this journey for the past 4 years

Through the ups and downs, howls to the sound of the wind, seeing the radiating moonlight rays

This is where it starts, the pre show is over

For all the preparation will now give me the strength and knowledge to continue this amazing journey

There is still much to learn to and to apply and will continue to do so, but I needed to cleanse and learn the true feelings of what it means to be happy within in me.

Let the ego go and focus on the feeling at the end when I receive what I desire

Amazing as we look to the sky and my master beats its golden light into my body, recharging and giving me new life

Now its time for the warrior to arise. Walk in the steps of my guides that surround me. The angel that is my guiding light. I surrender to the universe, the almighty source

You need no recognition just as you haven’t before. You will be heard and want to be heard, you fear no more. Just do what you need to do warrior.

Answers will come as a rush of emotion fills my eyes with tears on the brink as I know this is the end. I can look back and thank all that I have been through to make the person I have become. Also knowing that new lessons at a higher consciousness are coming so I can become more.

I take all my friends and family into my aura, to assist them, to protect them, to help them become all they are.

My people, my tribe I protect at all times with the magic tomahawk that I possess.

Like the moon tonight, I hold the tomahawk high and let the whitelight that radiates from its very core protect us on a our journey and give everyone a chance of inner happiness

I say this with love and white light and the power with my spirit and soul that we will now take into the new life

Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity prosperity and happiness

Believe in me Believe in you

Jay Whitefeather




29 :Don’t ever forget what got you to the destiny or dream you desired
The little things the people that helped you
This was not only the foundation
But also the beginning of the new you
I write everyday
I say my affirmations
I thank the universe for all that i have have
all the lessons learnt along the way
Having an awakening of what ever sort it may be
Its a wonderful thing but it can be a time of heartache too
We can’t move on till we say goodbye to the past
this is and still will be painful process
but as you transform like a butterfly
you must accept there will be times of test and reflection
Believe in what you have now
Respect where you have come from

Believe in me Believe in you


29: You have dreams keep these coming but you must let the full process of creating them take place or they will only be just a thought

24 :The life we want

the one we desire

the big dance that we wait to enter

thoughts and emotions

Don’t run ahead

I have to build a foundation

My dreams will then appear

In this life not to disappear

Believe in you Believe in me


20:Be proud of everything you have achieved in life.

Tell the world with a smile

it doesn’t matter what others think

You’re friends will pat you on the back

Believe in you Believe in you

13 : Upon this day
To all my friends and loved ones
Take this special gift from my heart
Take it in your hand
Place it on your heart and
Believe in your dream
Let it manifest within you
Bring yourself forward
Lower your Shield and trust
Get everything you ever wanted
Learn the lessons take the teachings
Become more

Believe in me Believe in you


11: A walk near the sea at sunset is always the nicest time to reflect and balance your energy again … Believe in me Believe in you
9: Past situations and feelings will always come up to test us. Even as new people we still carry emotions of the past…difference is we know how to deal with them…ignore it it’s not worth corrupting your fantastic new you
6:Take your power back use those emotions to channel the drive to get everything you want out of life

Believe in me believe in you

Believe in the SHIELD!!!



5: Tomorrow I have the honour of being the best man at Kate and Marek s wedding… Other than the birth if my daughter this is the most humbling experience I can have
Love you guys I love my life I am happy to get rid of the oxygen thrives in my life and have such great people in my life now
I thank each and every one of them
I finished my placement at the hardest school in the north western suburbs and I would go back there in a second and get paid of course
Life is finally looking awesome new projects new opportunities and great people in my life that I love
Thank you to you all from your friendly neighbourhood Native American
Special thanks to my close friend who have loved me without judgement and a few others,  all of you actually

Believe in me believe in you


5: Opinions we all have them..that’s ok but when it becomes personal well these must be tossed in the bin as well as the friendship I say … True friends will say well done not why are you doing that
I have got rid of a lot of people which I thought were friends and Made excuses for But knowing that their views on me and my life I have bee blind that’s All I can say
I would rather put my precious oxygen to my friends who I care about and I know care about me

Reflect on your life. You can understand what and how you felt during times of great joy and extreme sadness. Really learn from these times, embrace and use the feelings you had to better your life and for fill your destiny and live your dreams

4:Be a teacher, teach the lessons that you learnt to make a better life for and your loved ones. Keep learning, keep growing and become a better person and live the destiny you are meant to live

3: If someone is telling you to make a change, think closely before doing it, does it feel right or are they making the statement to satisfy themselves and their own personal dreams …. Stay true to you and protect yourself you’re no ones puppet

2: Trust your path, trust yourself to walk that path
1: Always control your power and don’t give it up, even if its something or someone that you want really badly. No one deserves to treated badly when you drop your guard. Opening yourself up to truth and honesty is different to giving up your power.


31: There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and wanting something in your life It’s a issue when it starts playing with your head and becomes an obsession and brings you down when it doesn’t come quick enough or the way you want it
30: Your dreams do have inner meanings … Take those messages and use them to become a better person and to take hold of your destiny
29: White wolf with a white warrior

Believe in me, Believe in you

 white wolf


28:Lots to do, Lots to do

But nothing is more important

Thank lots of do for you

Clear your Mind

Settle your energy

Increase your vibration

Channel those thoughts

Focus in on one

If you have a blank moment

Thats ok, lesson to be learnt

Dont rush, it all will come

Listen to your heart and talk to your soul

Your destiny is beyond the mountain you have climbed for so long

Through the storms, wind, rain and sunshine

You may not know what is in front of you

But keep walking, keep climbing,

Something or somebody is waiting

Youre true desires are up there

Every journey has lessons to learn

Good times and bad

It happens for a reason

Believe in me as i believe in you


27: I have the upmost respect for someone who tells me the truth regardless of how hard it is to take…at least you know that person has integrity
26: True friends don’t live in your back pocket and always want your attention…they respect you as am individual and be happy that you are living your life and be happy to support you as you do them
25: Have a close look at the 5 people you have closest contact with … I look now and 7 years ago and there is such a shift to the positive
22: Take your power back if you have given it away to gain something you desperate need … Nothing is more important than yourself


21: Use your emotions, positive and negative to help you grow. Utilise the power that you have, the power that you put into these feelings for your own personal power

20:If it feels right to you at the time, step forward be brave and do it. Regardless of the result you will be a stronger person for it …. Believe in me as I believe in you

19: The hardest thing you will do is open your self up and express how you really feel whether it’s to someone or it’s about something … True courage to finally walk the plank
18: Always grow always learn to become better…keep walking your path and always keep your power
17: Freedom, peace of mind and balance I work with these as foundations of my decisions in life
16: Time heals wounds even the deepest ones…memories are forever and are to be learnt from and embraced … Stay to true you and what you want. Emotions if well used can be the greatest insight into our deepest fears, our greatest loves and desires. Use these emotions to be your best and get what ever you want in this life. Say thank you for the experience that brought you to the surface and allowed you to spread your wings and fly
15: Moments in life that you wish you could change weren’t meant to be changed … It was all in your storybook of your life …. You cant see the finale because you’re meant to walk and experience the journey … Let things be and things will happen the way they are supposed too
14: Live your life as free as the horse, the horse that runs through earth, not worrying about opinion, running to find themselves always looking for an opportunity to grow, learn and become was is destined for them. Be like a horse, ride the wind, even if it means change, everything happens for a reason. One door closes another opens.
13: Once you gather the strength to take that first step you can start waving goodbye to the past …..
12: Friends are there and know you….if you have to keep contact with friends to keep a connection , take a look closely …. A friend will be there, excited to hear from you regardless of the time between contact
11: “A Safe Place” is a person who can protect you so you can be yourself and express your feelings without judgement
13 : Always thinking , always doesn’t get any easier when you drop your SHIELD. It makes you a stronger person to embrace what you feel and it will be the greatest personal lesson you will go through. Take it, believe it, feel it accept it, learn from it and know its for your greater good to make you a better person and live the life you deserve. Friends treat you for you without judgement and you know it’s genuine … I have a lot of people on my life I can truly call genuine friends….. You can give them your trust without fear. Friends treat you for you without judgement and you know it’s genuine … I have a lot of people on my life I can truly call genuine friend

9: Reflection is a great thing to do, but it can be something that hurts deep. Take those feelings good and bad on and one way or the other to make your life better and get everything you want

8: You know that a person has made an impact on you when you can’t not think about them and they make you smile or make you look in the sky and think what might have been but you must trust the universe that it was for the best at the time even though within your heart it doesn’t feel like that … Believe in me as I Believe in you
Look inside yourself to find your path in life…. Sometime you will make a decision that doesn’t add up , but have confidence that all these decisions are for your greater good as light bulbs will go off and it will all make sense

August 6

6: If you know inside that your friends even if they seem different you will always believe in them as you truly know them. Reality bites sometimes … It may be happiness but it could also be disappointment … Being valued as a friend is important and it’s a reality check when you find out you valued it more than the other person….in saying that always believe in what your heart is saying … And believe in the SHIELD. You walk through life to pick up treasures to assist you in for filling your destiny, learning your life lessons and just to develop and keep inner peace. Some of these treasures might not seem to be the gold that you are looking for, just be patient as it might be the thing that changes the course of your life for the greater good. Keep an open mind this might be a situation, a person or simply a moment. Embrace it even if it hurts as you will get through it, I know I have

5: If people say I don’t want to hurt you, that’s a great thing to say. Question their intentions if their words continually hurt you. Some people may think they are helping but it may not what you need at that moment or they might be sending you an indirect message about the level of your friendship. If it is hurting you it doesn’t matter who it is, protect yourself at all times. A true friend will understand your pain and will pick you up as its hurt them just as much as it has you, especially if they didn’t realise it cut deep in the first place

4: Saying Goodbye is always hard…You have mixed emotions, but these are yours so embrace them. You will become a stronger person for it, even though at the time you don’t think it will ever end
3: My journey has been a long one. One that has taken me to the depths of despair, but it was all lessons I needed to learn. I have finally embraced love for myself and gained a sense of inner peace. I have been walking around life looking for my life, when it was inside me all the time. I just needed the key, a moment, a person, a situation to allow me to bring it out. A wake up, looking deep into my soul asking myself, why but I know it was all coming from fear of being me, not being accepted, being isolated and alone. I take those fears, those insecurities and the negative entities that have dogged me for years and I let them go. I open up my awareness, I protect myself from the energies that bring me down. I will help people as much as I can, but they must come to me and want to be helped. Helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped as much as its a good deed, its energy that you need to keep. People need to be aware and want to be helped. In saying that I always will project universal positive energy, love to all to be used to become better, for fill their destinies and live the life happy and with true inner peace

3: I say thank you to all my loved ones for the continual support and love you give me. I thank the people who have given me a chance to grow, and I thank the people who have delivered me the lessons and the moments that have changed my life.

“…Believe in me as I believe in you…”

 2: Look forward don’t look back…it takes great inner strength to do that but you can…..
2: If you change ,your friends see your growth and say keep it up others will say why are you doing that it you’re crazy … There’s your wake up call right there

31: Always protect your own personal power. Don’t give it away to anyone or anything. You can still love deeply. You cant love others if you don’t love yourself.

People in your life who truly care for you will understand, support you and stand with you to keep your power yours.

30: Walk the path to a new life

Walk with grace, pride, strength and inner peace
Freedom is the prize of the brave

The hardest thing in life is to have trust in the universe especially when you are emotionally attached to a situation. Having inner strength, self trust and belief in yourself and giving your fully without fear will attract what you desire. Follow your heart and trust in yourself and the journey that you walk everyday

29: Be yourself go for what you want but don’t sell yourself out and make memories
29:A team, a partnership, a tag team or friendship

Two people with individual qualities and assets that make up a successful partnership when together
If one or the other loses any of those qualities or is held back or changed the team won’t work
So respect and love each quality of individuals as these are what make it great
In some cases it’s two harts beating as one .. Quote by The Hitman Bret Hart

28: Nothing wrong with walking the walk …… Actions speak louder than words ( even though words have an effect )
28: It doesn’t matter what happens where you are if you really care for someone you will always make sure they are ok and show them they mean something to you
27 : New beginnings….new journeys …. Take all your good memories, lessons learned and people you want to be with. Say goodbye to the old and look forward to what the future holds
Value friendship always. Clear the emotions and doubt. True friends can see through the stormy times and value what they have. Unfortunately at times you will be let down or disappointed that you thought a friendship was stronger but listen to your heart and if it says”…stay true to your feelings about them…true friends know each other and can’t be drawn apart, bonds are too strong…” There’s always a chance to reconnect as deep down your friends know this also regardless of what path they are on.
Unfortunately people have lessons to learn or go off on a different path…so be prepared to feel hurt on some level …. In saying that be true and give if it’s right but learn to protect yourself
Sometimes you still feel lost and wonder why things happen the way they do. You will find out how much a person or situation impacted you as the healing process is slow and reflecting is still painful…. Time will heal lessons will be learnt but the memories will be there for a lifetime
26: What ever happens, whet ever path people in your life take , if you truly believe in something or somebody don’t ever lose that lose that … Always have a part of them with you , They will need their true friends one day who don’t judge and know them better than they know themselves …. You know this when you have lived through it
26: Dance like no one is watching … Go deep inside your being and Show your true feelings without fear and ride the wings of the eagle … Forever free … body,soul and spirit
Sometimes you sit and reflect …. Things become clearer or I believe the acceptance of the inner truth comes out on particular situations in your life … It takes just as much strength to accept these as they might cut deep
Be brave be positive and always move forward because beyond the hurt there are new horizons ready for you …. The deepest truths are usually the hardest to comprehend but it will be a big weight off your shoulders … Believe in me like I believe in you
In saying that ….. Always believe in what you want, your ideal or what your heart is telling you …..
25: Doesn’t matter what shield you put up…. All people unfortunately have their own kryptonite ….

In saying that all people have something they can draw strength from when needed …. Focus in and take that power you need

Truth will hurt deep sometimes or give you the joy of life but at least it’s honest and you can have peace of mind of that …

Takes a while to walk through harsh storms … They test you in ways you didn’t think were possible …. But storms feel like they don’t ever stop and sometimes come at you with extra force but I guess as you get stronger some will try and fight and push you down….remember these don’t last forever and you become stronger and wiser from it and of course much happier

24: It’s amazing what opportunities appear at the end of a path when you stay positive … Believe in me as I believe in you and believe in the …..
Always stay positive even when you feel down at times ….. Express it someway like writing it down and send it away with happiness

You can blame it in the rain if needed then start believing in you and others …., and the SHIELD

23: Go get what you deserve …. Believe strongly with your heart desires
22: Follow the path that feels right at the time

It might not be your destined path but it will be a major lesson you need to get to the land of Oz



20: A chapter or story in your life is supposed to conclude the way it’s destined … It’s up to you how long it takes or what road you take to get there
18 :Amazing how opportunities and new horizons come up from no where

Well I guess it’s not really from no where you walked the journey and your destiny will be yours if you believe



16: It’s a great thing I have noticed when you think of of someone who is a special part of your life it’s the small things that remind you of them

Could be a song, a day, a colour , maybe a movie or you when the clock strikes a particular time that person always comes into your mind…it’s the small things that have a great impact on us and it shows how much that person has positively impacted our life


11: And let the next light bulb go off but I am such a nice person though I do have a great heart but I now believe in me and believe in t

10: I was told the light switch will go off … Well light switches in my case and everything becomes clear whether you like it or not … Don’t mind that at all even when you feel invisible to some that probably the biggest light bulb moment of them all … Good night

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