Spells & Poems

We all believe that what we put out we will receive.

The universe will give us what we need

It’s probably waiting to do this now

But as human being we have a thing called the mind and emotion that goes along with it

It can be a difficult thing to manage sometimes

with all the goings on of the world and how it effects us

We can do it, i know i have had my struggles at times

Having these poems, entrusting in the whitelight above

I am sure all will be well

I won’t lie it’s a struggle some days

Past programming can be hard to shake

Taking those first small steps

Is the path to change



Before saying any spell we must say this verse to show gratitude for the information we receive

I say this spell with whitelight, love and positive thoughts. Finding peace and happiness within my soul and the souls of the others effected by my words

I ask permission and call upon the powers of my guides the owl and wolf. I ask for the permission of my guides, angels and gods that allow me access the information i am about to receive. I ask for the their blessing and their mystical powers as these are the lessons, teachings and knowledge that will bring a higher good, understanding and health to my self and my loved or anyone i project this spell to with love and whitelight ad good intention. I say this and thank my guides, angels, mother earth, gods and the higher power for the gift i have to share with the world and myself


Pic taken from http://quotesgram.com/american-quotes-native-prayer/

Jay Whitefeather “The White Warrior”


New Moon 17th January 2018

Clarity and New ideas but also acting upon the messages we receive

Here’s my message to my guides on this day

On this night

in this hour

I connect to the ancient power

I stand here

Knowing what I need to do

To become more

Its my journey

All messages I must say yes

Do and trust in my guides

The messages they send

Lets make them my own

For people close

I make my wall

The feeling feels right but the journey has just begun

Let us walk down the path of life and grow

I will lower for you as we walk

Who is it for me

Time will tell



Full moon Spell 11th April 2017 (The Pink Moon)

(Focus on Regrowth, express intentions of balance and justice)

In this night

In this hour

I call upon the pink moons power

Regrowth within me

Looking around

The new is coming to my side

Open the doors

So I may see

What is there

and waiting for me

I feel the energy running through my soul

I listen to my heart

I heed the messages that stay with me

I know it’s right

I know its my path

Let us this day look upon the stars

As I reignite the power

As the moons light upon me

Here I say thank you

Here I say I move now into change

Jay Whitefeather

Dark Moon Spell (Southern Hemisphere) 26th February 2017

Focus on : Releasing a bad habit, feelings of regret and burden

In this night

in this hour

I call upon the ancient power

 As I walk along the path

I look upon the stars above

To release the emotion

Regret and burden

Set me free

I love who I love

No more regret

send whitelight to help

I walk away, its about them

Everything in life

that has been

is a building block

for the house I have built

within my heart, soul and spirit

To shield emotions, that controlled me

I say good bye

I say hello


Solar eclipse Spell (Southern Hemisphere) 27th February 2017

On this day

The solar eclipse upon us

I ask thee

To heal my heart

To release my emotions

Good bye as they rise to the stars

As the river flows

The water moves, the sign of Pisces

The steam takes my emotions away

I say thanks for the lesson

Once again I ask for the next phase of healing

Those deep emotions, that trouble me

open up to the feelings I truly desire

My soul to you

The rebirth I feel

The whitelight going into me, the white warrior

Now I go forth

New man, old soul, complete person

Full Moon Spells 6th December 2014

Ref http://www.whats-your-sign.com/animal-totems.html



Spell One  : Clarity

On this night

In this hour I call upon the animal power

The dragonfly

To enhance my clarity

Wipe away the fog that clouds my judgement

Slow me down

Embrace and clear my mind and thoughts

To gain the ultimate power

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight

Spell 2 : Bear

In this night

On this hour the white warrior calls upon the moonlights power

I ask the bear to show me the way

To gain the inner strength

I need to walk my new path of life

Through times of extreme emotion

Bring in the power of the bear spirit

To ease my strain

Fill my spirit tonight

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight


Spell 3 : Courage

In this night

On this hour the white warrior calls upon the moonlights power

The king of beasts

Standing strong

Leader of the wild

I call the lion to give me strength

When I need it most

To push me to the other side

To find my way again

Through the thick forest of fear

I stand here tonight

A new light being

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight

Spell 4 : Calmness , control of sensitivity and emotion

In this night

On this hour the white warrior calls upon the moonlights power

Panda the power you have

To give me peace within my soul

Positivity and purity

In the jouney of my life

I nurture not only others

I ask to remember to nurture myself

Understand my emotions and learn

To reach my goals with calmness but still determined

With your medicine

The gentle giant of the wild

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight

Spell 5 : Crab

In this night

On this hour

The white warrior calls up the power

Of the guides, angels and signs of the zodiac

The sign of the crab

I ask tonight

To protect with me and white light

Give me the strength to turn on the power

When I need protection

Embrace the power from my guides, gods and angels that watch over me and my loved ones

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight

Spell 6 : Control

In this night

On this hour

The white warrior calls up the power

Of the guides, angels and gods

The hippopotamus

The gentle giant

Give me the medicine of balance of my life

Physically and spiritually

In situations that get away from me

I will take control of the wheel of my life

The pathway is in front of me

I thank my, guides and gods and angels for the messages of whitelight they give to me upon this night

I ask for this with love and whitelight

Spells for the full moon 5th January 2015



Emotional Intelligence : Ability to understand, use, identify and manage emotions.

To relieve stress, communicate effectively emphasize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict

Be able to recognise personal, social and emotional state and how that affects you.


  1. Reduce stress in settings
  2. Recognise emotions of yours
  3. Connect emotionally with non verbal communication
  4. Ability to use humour, stay focused and connected in challenging situations
  5. Resolve conflict positively and confidently


Using the totems

  1. Owl and Wolf ; My guides helping me through my journey
  2. Light a white candle and use some incense if you can


Calling in for emotional Intelligence

  1. Salmon ; inner confidence
  2. Crab ; Good luck, protection and success
  3. Penguin ; Self discipline
  4. Crocodile ; emotions displayed accurately and appropriately
  5. Owl : the deep inner emotions
  6. Badger ; Healer


Spell for emotional intelligence

  1. Badger ; Healer (help heal my emotions)
  2. Bear ; Healing power
  3. Boar/Pig ; Spiritual strength fearless
  4. Eagle : calling freedom
  5. Owl : the deep inner emotions
  6. Badger ; Healer
  7. Falcon New beginnings
  8. Panther : find inner emotions


Spell one

On this day

In this light

I call upon my guides and power

To ask for their medicine

To heal my emotions

The pain of the past

Bear I ask to pass you healing power

Give to the badger to heal my pain

The Boar/Pig the oh powerful

I look to you to come into my spirit

To give me strength to let go

Say goodbye

On the wings of the eagle I take the freedom

The new life that I have dreamed now reality

As the falcon comes to my aid

All emotions that are left behind

Taken by the panther

Understood, accepted and blown away

Only to leant not to be tied down

I thank all the animals and to my guides

The owl and wolf my friends who have been by my side

I thank you

Spell 2: Emotional Intelligence

Upon this day

In this hour

I ask for permission

To access the ancient power

To gain the knowledge

For the emotions that I have

To use to help me everyday

I call in the Salmon to provide inner confidence

To make the decisions, resolve conflict positively

Penguin I now I ask you

To maintain my self discipline in times of need

To the crocodile I ask you for your guidance

To show my emotions appropriately

To help heal my inner soul

Understand that what I show is my true inner feelings

The owl my guide and friend

Talk to me heal my pain and bring in the light

That soothes my soul

That heals my pain

That controls my emotion

I thank you

Protection Spell

in this night

in this hour

i call upon the ancient power

with my guides

i ask thee

to protect the one

that is closet to me

the lady on the floor

in saying thee

go and cross over

away you go

i say this with love and whitelight

Speak to me if you need

the power of my guide, the wolf

my teacher, help i ask

to the guides above me that watch over me and my family

The owl, my greatest friend

and the eyes of the panther, protection of thee

Protection i ask

Place a white light around her

No fear no worry

Leave her to be

Intention Spell

The light, the sun

The light, the moon

I ask the unverse

with the greatest good intent

To relax my iner soul, spirit and mind

from the worry and axious times i have

To ask for secuity, finiancial, shelter to call my own

Thank you i say

Asking for my intended desires

that i hold close

and work at everyday

waiting for that goal to be

Success i ask in my jouney

the new path i have sought

In all the aspects of my new life

that i work at everyday (Fill in your desires)

To the people i have met and say goodbye

have a great life

I now iask that i bring in new people

that understand me

they look beyond the physical

I see them now

i talk and embrace them

Yes they are here

you have given me, i will always be thank ful

A female companion

that knows me

respects me  and my family

Not to use but to help grow

have their own mind

I say good bye to manipluators and co dependants

You have taught me the true gift of survival

i have survived for the better

Now to find the one who lovees me for me

Everything i do will be something

something that make s me special

I will always though put myself and my family above all

Thank you

Asking for the universe to provide

In this night

in this hour

i call upon the ancient power

to call for calm

in my soul and spirit

to control the emotion

bottled up inside

i must run like the wind

to eliminate i know

to engage that inner passion

the direction i must go

I will alway speak without fear

if i am to be truly heard

fear no judgement

friends only help

the new career i can feel

let it come to me

i know a process of life to get to OZ

you need to walk

I would like to have that to ensure

security, financial and spiritual and emotional

The bosy is the temple

for the king and queen

the soul and spirit

will come out to engage

the new life

i will create

Full Moon Spell for 4th February 2015

Personal Power and Presence spell using the Anail Totem of the Tiger

Tiger Spirit Animal

In this night

under the full moon

and light

i ask my guides

on this special night

to allow me

the use of universal power

To trust with in

the journey that i embark on

no one elses help but mine

Digging deeper into my soul

to show the world

the true me

give myself that voice i have

The acceptance is only by true friends

that your heart will feel

I ask the tiger

The great cat of the wild

show me the way

guide me with your wisdom

Being free in the body

being free in the heart

Trust in me as i do in you

That i have the power within

to make everything i desire

a reality

Let me presence on this earth

be one that is imporant

to me, to the people i love

to the people that gain strength

from the white warrior

Autumn Equinox Spell March 2015

In the night

In the day

in the Hour

I call upon the ancient power

The autumn equinox

come forth to me

Show me what I need to say goodbye too

I say to you

My guides, gods and protectors

To realise all pasts thoughts

Only to be a learning tool

To see where I have to be

Upon the new moon I say to thee

Show me my dreams

The ones that seek and I have

The ones I desire

Assist me in releasing all emotions

That are holding me back from being my true self

to achieve my dreams

to remind myself of the real me inside ready to be free

I may forget but that’s ok

The guides, gods and angels are always with me and show me the way

Full Moon Blessing 28/10/15 : Southern Hemisphere

Focus : Fertility, Love, Home and Nourishment of your body

In the night

in this hour

I call upon the Moonlights Power

Fertility is the dream

The growth of the warrior inside

Time to be me, who I really am

Looking for love, the love for me and who I am inside

Ladies, people who will be attracted to me

As I have found the love I have wanted inside for so long

Let it radiate to who want it or need it

To my home, I bless it with the whitelight that beams from our hearts

Protected , a place of serenity and peace

I look after my temple that walks, speaks and breathes

Take in what I need to grow and nourish

To gain strength of my body, soul and spirit

To all my guides I thank you for all the unconditional love you have always given

Changing Aspects of a current relationship or seeking a new relationship

New Moon 12th November 2015

Moon In Scorpio

Whether you are in a relationship or not we are always growing so we may need to stop and ask the question…”What do I want in a partner…” This new moon that just past through Scorpio so we can look at this as a chance to reconnect to our desires about meeting that special someone or improving the relationship we are in by spiritually growing.

In this night

In this hour

I call upon the ancient power

To my soul I shall give

to someone dear

that all shall have

To walk within mother earth

a companion to be

We both have separate lives

Our dreams

The burning desire

That enlightens our souls

Togther we find solitude

Nothing but love for one another

To enrich our spirit

Encourgae and exchange words of comfort

We join as one

Beyond the midnight sky

The touch of light enriches our bodies

As we speak no words

No need

look into your eyes

all the words will be spoken

That’s all I need and I give this with love and whitelight to you

Thank you for being there

Believe in you Believe in me

Jay Whitefeather

Dark Moon Blessing Saturday 9th of January 2016

Light a white candle and some incense

The incense can be any fragrance but listen to your inner voice and feel your energy being drawn to what you need for the day and this spell

Look at the way the emotions below make you feel and focus on what that feeling is and use it as motivation to reverse the feeling to something that you have experienced in a positive light.

We all go through this n our lives, as I am right now but what I have realised that having faith in the universal laws that are only bringing these situations to you to learn a lesson so you can receive all that you desire and cherish those feelings that you want to have all the time

Focus on (this is personal ) : Counteract Self Doubt, Personal and Public judgment and criticism (looking at the difference between negative scrutiny and positive criticism for your better good, Impatience and controlling the ego to a deeper level

Native American Animal Medicine called upon : Salmon (Inner Trust ), Horse (Power), Ant (Patience), Wolf (Teacher and My guide), Hawk to take these messages to the greater power and the universe under the guidance of my guides and gods, and I ask the Owl the night Spirit to help me receive the messages I gain

On this day

In this hour

I call upon the universal power

I open my soul, my spirit

To the teachings I am about to receive

Patience I want

To allow me to make good decisions, for the overall health of my body

The feeling of calmness, I ask for the power the Ant processes, I thank you for this gift

The horse, the power it holds

Allowing me to see when the ego is clouding my judgment for the better

To show me how to be free and connect with mother earth

To understand that power is not within the ego

Its within my spirit and soul

Salmon I ask you for your wisdom

To give me the strength to walk when my inner voice says so

Eliminate doubt and past fear

Walk tall walk strong and I will be everything I ever wanted

The rabbit, the small creature of the wild

Teaching us about facing fears

Not to be scared of what we deeply fear

Stand up and become the true warrior

that is loved because of their heart

To be sure strong and have the inner strength to be what they need to be

I thank you for the gifts you have given me today

I receive these gifts and use them with them wisely

With Love and whitelight

as the white warrior stands tall

I thank you


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