Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 9th July 2017

The full moon is upon us 

Makes us look inside 

The lessons we need to know are the ones we must come to terms with 

Let go look inside and accept what happens 

Some things resonate inside you more than others 

One did and I know now this is the next stage 

So I say

On this day 

On this hour 

I call upon the moonlights power

Let me accept 

What needs to be 

As the lessons I need 

Come to thee

I walk tall

With my head held high 

Confident happy and passionate 

What ever happens I can be 
Full time of abundance of happiness stability creativity prosperity wealth and health 

I am always loved honoured respected and protected by the people that matter 

Believe in me believe in you 

Jay Whitefeather 

I love this one … thank you Marc Mero


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