Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 18th March 2017

When something like an emotion comes forth and tears it’s ugly head 

To grow we must go within to acknowledge what we have inside 

What is really annoying you or hit your heart hard 

When it comes up your emotions just can’t cope and you meltdown 

Can u feel it coming on

I feel this today and I need to reconcile with me 

I feel the words that join this emotion

I must reconcile for me and with me as we are connected to the universe as one

This is only a lesson but being aware makes you understand when it’s wrong and it has to stop for your own good

I will survive and find the way 

I ask the universe today for guidance but I know the answer 

You know what to do but guidance and white light is here for you on your journey 

Full time of abundance of happiness stability creativity prosperity wealth and health 

I am always loved honoured and respected by the people that matter 

Believe in me believe in you 

Jay Whitefeather


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