Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 4th March 2017

It’s s hard thing when your body speaks to you 

You have to go through so many thoughts 

It’s usually you can feel something a miss  or is it you wish you were 

Learning to deal with this is hard 

I listen to my solar plexus and it speaks to me and it protects my heart 

As we all have I have had disparity rejection and betrayal but we mustn’t let that break our spirit 

I may be looking for purpose again but I get these sparks of passion again 

I know it’s there it’s just a new beginning as the old is leaving 

I am grateful for the life I have, food I eat and shelter that protects me 

Full time of abundance of wealth creativity prosperity happiness stability and health 

I am always loved honoured and respected by the people that matter 

Believe in me believe in you

Jay Whitefeather 


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