Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 19th February 2017

I am glad I could give people happiness even though I’m sort of lost or more to the point lost focus 

Maybe the loss of my friend is playing on me and that makes you reflect on life to see if it’s really worth it

Or is it time to drop the fear and go for it and make my dream come true

What is my true love well let’s say another box ticked 

I have quite a few but if the big one isn’t there it’s still up in the air 

I’m not sure but today I ask the universe for help as I do need it

I’m on the right path but I just need a little help to get this moving and to find purpose again 

I thank you 

Full time of abundance of wealth creativity prosperity happiness health and stability 

I am loved honoured and respected by the people that matter 

Believe in me believe in you

Jay Whitefeather


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