Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 12th January 2017

Happy Full Moon in Cancer to all of you

Some of the major effects of this moon that I looked up were

  1. Emotionally stability : Cancer being ruled by the moon
  2. Stepping in to a new world or something coming out of the blue : Uranus
  3. The Rebuilding phase, something you must look at building up or in the starting phase to build the foundation of what you want : Pluto
  4. Be cautious on expanding too quickly in any part of your life : Jupiter
  5. Pisces : Very higher level dreams, embrace all emotions and feelings from this as its deep seeded and needs attention for you to grow (Yes it’s happened to me)


So lets right this spell for tonight

In this night

Upon this hour

I call upon the full moons power

My guides and gods standing beside me

I embrace all that is coming to me to grow

I feel all emotions

I understand the teachings

I build the foundation and grow my world around me

I am grateful for all the opportunities that this may bring

Using them for the betterment of myself and mankind

I walk through to this new world that I have longed

The feelings in side that the moonlight brings out

will be my guiding light into my new world

With love and whitelight I wish all

Take a piece of this and make it your own

Get all you desire and build a life

Feel the peace of mind you now have

Thank you all, thank you for the knowledge and the opportunity to engage the universal power


I am honoured respected and loved by the ones that matter in my life

Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity prosperity happiness and stability

Believe in me Believe in you

Jay Whitefeather







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