Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 15th December 2016

Upon the full moon that beams its light onto us I look upon the future and again being grateful, having empathy and mindfulness 

Have I seen results after starting this 

Yes as I have 

I have been more aware of my faults and emotions I have felt.

You learn a lot about your ego and how it really can be developed as a bad it can be but a good point is that you are aware it’s happening 

Today , I am grateful for

Having the abilities to change a Tyre on my car 

Having a car

Having people around to assist when in trouble 

A spell for you today 

On this full moon

In this hour

I call upon the super power

I say thank you for the growth this year

I ask to be guided in my journey 

Growing spritually,physically and mentally in the year ahead

Looking inside at a my feelings I truly desire

I say thank you for this 

Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity happiness stability and prosperity 

Believe in me believe in you

Jay Whitefeather 


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