My friends it’s all about reflection today

I found this and I’d like to thank Susan Nicole Wright for passing on her wisdom 

Reflect upon, bless and be grateful for all the beautiful times in your life.

Give thanks for the many blessings you receive each day.

You can connect energetically to those you love-simply feel them inside your heart.

Life really is beautiful!

Neptune goes direct today! In retrograde, you were given time to reflect. You may have had recurring dreams to show you something that in your awake state, you may not have wanted to deal with or face. 

Or, your dreams may have been deeply prophetic, Neptune being a very psychic planet.

Neptune is also the planet of illusion. Maybe you have been reflecting on something, someone or a situation that you will now know the truth about. The cloud has been lifted for you to finally see.

Was it all just a passing fantasy or was it really real?

Today onward, the truth is now revealed for you. Pay attention.

Full time of abundance of health wealth creativity prosperity happiness and stability 

Believe in me believe in you

Jay Whitefeather 


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