Thoughts and affirmations of the White Warrior 20th January 2016

Lots of lessons we are given 

Personal ones we must learn 

Where do we go sometimes

I have these thoughts 

I feel held back sometimes 

But is it a good thing not to rush into things

Looking at everything and my record

If I don’t do it no one will

Only I have seen the opposite to this a few times 

Prove me wrong help me trust 

But when you keep seeing the same thing how can you 

A message to me 

Could be many 

Am I too demanding or inpatient 

Is this a lesson,of course it is 

But also this is the biggest test of the all 

Trust in others and letting yourself go 

I’ve been let down by myself on making the wrong decisions and choices

But I remember I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t gone through what I have been through 

Thank you to all 

End. The ones I have disconnected with

They are the greatest teachers 
Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity prosperity and happiness 

Believe in me believe in you 

Jay Whitefeather 





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