Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 11th February 2016

Last night I had a feeling that I didn’t like 

I keep having these.

Do I rely on people or have higher expectations of people I put trust in 

Or am I wrong in thinking that I am part of the problem 

I have the theory that if you don’t do it no one will 

I want to be proven wrong 

I also have had my usual regression where I see my dream and I am trying to grab it but I know I can’t yet

It makes you think when emotions come up. Emotions open the answers 

I will deal with this but I also now can see that this is usual and I always get to the highest point in what I do 

I have faith in this but it’s hard 

Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity happiness and prosperity 

Believe in me believe in you 

Jay Whitefeather 



One thought on “Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 11th February 2016

  1. Trust in the process, I know it all sounds very cliche’ but in order to find true happiness, don’t have expectations, people are people they will react to you based on their own experience, but those who love us love us (and there are way more than what you would think), what will be will be, just allow it to unfold without trying to intervene, you must surrender to the process.. you know that you will always be given a test to see how far you have come and how much you have changed. Old feelings come up, to try and stall us from moving forward or to divert us to another direction, Emotions are the key to unlocking the answers, but sometimes that causes pain..
    I found this quote
    “Let go of your expectations. The Universe will do what it will. Sometimes your dreams will come true, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes when you let go of a broken dream another dream gently takes it’s place. Be aware of what is, not what you would like to be, taking place”

    much love and white light to you xox


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