Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 27th December 2015

Spell / Prayer for the Full Moon in Cancer 25th December 2015

Emotional and Physical forgiveness and healing of your body, soul and spirit

Place : by the sea in full sight of the moon


Let the spirit within me be taken into the night by the my guide “The Owl”

As I open my heart and allow it to be exposed. I fear not the future as I once did

The wolf that stands by my side, the companion that has led me on this journey for the past 4 years

Through the ups and downs, howls to the sound of the wind, seeing the radiating moonlight rays

This is where it starts, the pre show is over

For all the preparation will now give me the strength and knowledge to continue this amazing journey

There is still much to learn to and to apply and will continue to do so, but I needed to cleanse and learn the true feelings of what it means to be happy within in me.

Let the ego go and focus on the feeling at the end when I receive what I desire

Amazing as we look to the sky and my master beats its golden light into my body, recharging and giving me new life

Now its time for the warrior to arise. Walk in the steps of my guides that surround me. The angel that is my guiding light. I surrender to the universe, the almighty source

You need no recognition just as you haven’t before. You will be heard and want to be heard, you fear no more. Just do what you need to do warrior.

Answers will come as a rush of emotion fills my eyes with tears on the brink as I know this is the end. I can look back and thank all that I have been through to make the person I have become. Also knowing that new lessons at a higher consciousness are coming so I can become more.

I take all my friends and family into my aura, to assist them, to protect them, to help them become all they are.

My people, my tribe I protect at all times with the magic tomahawk that I possess.

Like the moon tonight, I hold the tomahawk high and let the whitelight that radiates from its very core protect us on a our journey and give everyone a chance of inner happiness

I say this with love and white light and the power with my spirit and soul that we will now take into the new life


Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity prosperity and happiness

Believe in me Believe in you

Jay Whitefeather


moon mthrasher4hr-dkccg3

pic taken from





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