Thoughts and affirmations of the White Warrior 28th October 2015

Full Moon Blessing 28/10/15 : Southern Hemisphere

In the night

in this hour

I call upon the Moonlights Power

Fertility is the dream

The growth of the warrior inside

Time to be me, who I really am

Looking for love, the love for me and who I am inside

Ladies, people who will be attracted to me

As I have found the love I have wanted inside for so long

Let it radiate to who want it or need it

To my home, I bless it with the whitelight that beams from our hearts

Protected , a place of serenity and peace

I look after my temple that walks, speaks and breathes

Take in what I need to grow and nourish

To gain strength of my body, soul and spirit

To all my guides I thank you for all the unconditional love you have always given


Full time of abundance of wealth, health, creativity, prosperity and happiness

Believe in me Believe in you

Jay Whitefeather

Full moon




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