Thoughts and affirmations of the white warrior 15th june 2015

I heard this yesterday so true 

“….Here’s a thought instead of having an opinion on my life here’s my opinion on yours “… If you actual said and did things with the passion you have for doing squat and mouthing off about others who gave the guts to give things a go I would be able to say good job keep it up….” Some people have more air than a balloon in them seriously…”

And just to finish with you know who your mates are … Friends will stir the crap out of you and you will laugh others you just think …. Why do I share the same oxygen as you 
So please turn around walk out and live your life have fun mine just picked up as of 2 seconds ago 
Full time of abundance of wealth health creativity prosperity and happiness
Believe in you believe in me 
Jay Whitefeather

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