Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 15th April 2015


I think after all the work I have done the last year I had a truly fantastic experience. One that I understood and saw how the universe can and will deliver what you truly want. Its just waiting for you to be ready and make the changes within your soul and spirit. Making the conscious choice to balance your inner being to allow your thoughts to resinate in your physical being and allow that to shape your future.

Getting some sound advice form a very close friend who has guided me through my new journey the last year said…”Can you feel how you are now, can you feel the calmness you have in your mind and heart”. I did and I always have but my challenge is keeping that energy that way or recognising when I need to realign.

Using pendulums, my crystals balancing my inner spirit and soul in each direction and actually taking the time to allow my body to align with the universe, I felt it for the first time I believe. Its a new feeling, maybe I have felt it before but as the layers come of, the healing is completed on a level, then allowing your inner heart and the emotions that comes forth, its a time that brought a smile to me face.

Thank you for my journey I look forward to the next instalment


Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather





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