Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 25th March 2015

I have been talking a lot of change

The way emotions are played out

When situations come forth

This past week we had a solar eclipse, apparently more powerful and influential than I imagined

We had a new moon and Dark moon as well

Being relatively new to this path I have been on

I just know that the influence of the last week

Always raise questions within myself

I had communication issues, nothing bad but interesting

what did I learn, to be open to criticisms

These are only opinions and if you know a person you know they are only looking out for your best interests

I had an experience of jealously and envy against me

I was livid really because it was deeply personal

What did I learn, to understand and read people

If you think they will only do it to others, you’re mistaken

Not sure what tips people over the edge

Don’t really care to a point

happy to help people if they want

Universal change, you can feel it

You cant really understand what is happening

I just have to go along with it knowing that its for my greater good

I feel the change, maybe its the universe giving me the signs or a push

to become the person I want to be


Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather




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