Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 21st March 2015

Wow, the solar eclipse has come and sent a wave of emotion through me. Dealing with people, dealing with past issues that have sprung up. You need a shield of armour these days to protect yourself. I do believe in karma, the universe will provide this law. If you take away something from someone by force you will lose something yourself to create that balance again.


My understanding of all this is that if you create an opportunity or give you will get back, that’s universal law of balance and attraction

So that must work in reverse. I know it does I have felt it. So to sum up I have been hit hard emotionally by certain individuals that wish to take me down. Pretty sad really after I considered them friends. My mistake as usual, people are the way they are its your choice who you choose to invite in. Me, I suffered for my good heart. Again my choice and I beat myself up a bit these days, not as much as I did.

But looking at the bright side, the law of attraction is working for me these days as I have started gaining more self worth and self confidence and esteem and its starting to allow me to attract the great things and people into my life as we speak. So in this case I give myself a pat on the back..Good Job

Do we ignore when someone hurts us publically, everyone might say toughen up. Agreed but how many times can you get hit before you fall, its inevitable. Not to say we wont get back up

Stand strong, walk your journey and see where it takes you, if you must deal with it then if the situation arises, I say do it, but remember your law of karma and balance when doing it. Emotions are powerful and they can take you to the brink sometimes. No one likes being hurt, especially if they think they haven’t done anything to deserve it. Just pure evil really.

But we move on this day, solar eclipse, you have brought some thing forward and In the black of night, the wolf walked me through and the owl guided my path and a lot of great things have come forth, maybe its the universe using emotions as motivation…I can live with that as my guides will always protect me and continually heal my soul and spirit


Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather




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