Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 18th March 2015

Am I too sensitive

I am reading people’s criticisms wrongly

Am I just damaged from the amount of self esteem issues I do have

I ask this question today

Do I need to toughen up


Learn how to deal with disappointments I feel

Am I assuming people are like me and I understand what each person in my life is about

Do I just wish that people would know inside I have a pure heart

I am far from perfect, I say things I do things that I am not proud of

Yes Yes Yes

Is it time for me to let people come to me

Should I just accept this is people’s opinion

and its not a reflection on me

Knowing its not a personal attack on me

Back in what I believe

I admit today I am down

But I will find a way to continue

Life will put these hurdles in front of you

Its moments like this that make you question if you are doing the right thing

or is it a reminder that all people are different

and accept people aren’t attacking you

they are just having an opinion

Thank you for listening


Believe in me  Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather


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