Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 25th January 2015

Interesting how life changes

One extreme to the other

you don’t ever stop learning

I think what makes me the person

Is taking the opportunities that i find

I have succeeded and haven’t

But everytime we learn to become better

This past 6 months i have learnt this

People love cliches’

“Be you’re best”, “Be positive”, “i wont let anything stop me”

Big difference between me and them

I make sure “….if I speak it…I do it..What ever the outcome…”

If someone criticizes then i say with love and white light

Thanks and goodbye

You work out that a friend will encourage as they have respect and care for you

Others its just and insult


Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather


pic taken from





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