Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 12th January 2015

I look at successful people

I am very impressed with them

dedication to their craft

Its one of those big journeys we all face

what is in our hearts

I believe its something that changes our life

gives us passion

People work out, look great eat well

they may paint, be a CEO

but what really makes them tick

I battle with this every day

when I see something

I say I can do that

But now I take a step back

and say what gets your heart racing

your mind churning

your energy to unbelievable levels

when people speak to you

they say…”Right this has done this for you…I want a piece of it…”

The hardest thing is staying on task

As human being we do stray our thoughts

Its Hard to find that balance

we cant stay up all the time

So find that balance

I am doing that everyday

Much better than what I was the previous day

What’s the saying…”Rome wasn’t built in a day…”

Stay true to your heart

Trust in the universe giving you everything

trust your judgment

be a true warrior

and Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather


Pic taken from

Pic american indian


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