Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 31st December 2014

Goodbye to 2014

Believe in me Believe in you

Download : Thank you to 2014 spell

Require a candle (White preferably)

I say this blessing with whitelight, love and positive thoughts. Finding peace and happiness within my soul and the souls of the others effected by my words

I thank the universe for the permission and guidance to call upon the powers of my guides the owl and wolf. I ask for the permission of my spirit guides, angels and gods including my guiding white angel, the white warrior and mother Gaia that assist me, allowing me access the information I received. I Thank them all for the their blessings and their mystical powers as these are the lessons, teachings and knowledge that will bring a higher good, understanding and health to my self and my loved or anyone i project this spell to with love and whitelight ad good intention. I say this and thank my guides, angels, mother earth, gods and the higher power for the gift i have to share with the world and myself

Jay Whitefeather “The White Warrior”


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