Thoughts and Affirmations of the White Warrior 28th December 2014

Deep feelings of our inner soul

feelings and emotions that dog us in our growth

Being hurt by people that we put our trust in

not only trust by our soul and inner heart

Having the difficulty of finding the right people

to connect with

i understand now its my programming

like  a magnet we are attracted to what we are inside

i have desires, inner happiness that i crave

but now hurting because i know the truth

and the worst side of this pain

is that the people wont ever get it

then you are disappointed in yourself

at attracting those kind of people to reinforce your values

i understand my energy levels

the energy that i give off

the strive for happiness

i know its there now

the anger, disappointment and frustration

of a life of impression

is over now

with my guides next to me

supporting me as they have

i will tell all those who hurt me

its not ok to be hurting inside

and they need to know it

not physically, call the owl to deliver the message

that it ends today

there will be times of regression

but thats human nature

i have people in my life that fill my life with air

not pop it like balloon

Bring on 2015

Year of the White Warrior

Thank you for all my new friends that have trusted in me as i have trusted in them

Friends for life


Believe in me Believe in you


Jay Whitefeather

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