Very important to be around people who are unjudgmental and you feel very safe to express your self and be helped the way you need to be

Hālau ʻAha Hūi Lānakila

There’s no denying that the world is speeding up and it’s starting to take its toll. Being constantly plugged in means we never have much time to ourselves. Our attention is relentlessly pulled in multiple directions. It’s impossible not to be overwhelmed and this inevitably leads to increased levels of anxiety. Prolonged periods of anxiety and stress compromise our entire system and in extreme cases, can lead to mental and physical illness. The bottom line is that this is no way to live full-time and cultivating strategies to combat anxiety should be a priority. Here are four tips to begin to point you in the right direction.

Include a calming activity in your morning ritual

It doesn’t matter what it is. Find what works for you. It could be physical exercise, a few breathing exercises, a few gentle yoga stretches or a meditational practice. Set aside at least half…

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